The Genius Marketing of the Seattle Seahawks




The marketing of professional sports has reached new heights and the Seattle Seahawks are at the top of the pile.  Today I went down to my local store to see how much the “Conference Championship” T-Shirts would be going for– and I wasn’t surprised to see the $40 price tag for a t-shirt.  Free Market Capitalism at it’s finest.

This has been a long time coming for the Seattle sports fan.  It wasn’t more than a couple of years ago where everything seemed lost in the Seattle sports world.  The Sonics were a long lost cause, The Seahawks with Matt Hasselback was one disapointment from total collapse, the Mariners wallowing in their own self pity.  The most promising team award is split between the WNBA and the Sounders who routinely make it to the playoffs, only to get eliminated by the first round.

In reality, the Seahawks Championship shirts should have been handed out for free to any fan that has stood by the team for so many terrible seasons of purely mediocre sport– sport that was, for me, hard to follow for all those years.  For those of you who suffered through all of those seasons, I salute you.

But what is hard is watching this game through my sons eyes.  My thoughts on this started in the post celebration of last nights sweet victory over our media driven enemy, the San Francisco 49ers.  As we watched Richard Sherman “jaw” Crabtree, I watched my sons reaction to Sherman snarling nostrils and hatred– he was truly frightened.


The media blitz behind his comments also gave me pause.  All of the trolls of social media took to their computers and smart phones to give their two cents, mostly negative about what transpired.  Erin Andrews even took to defending Shermans actions when reports started to surface she was scared.

Its all theater of epic proportions with supporters shelling out billions to be recognized as part of the team.  The 12th Man is pure marketing genius, putting the fans on the field, giving them their own place not only helps energize the millionaires taking the field, but also fills the coffers with money so they can show their “support”.  It’s pure genius.

My son and I both have jerseys, my wife looks mighty fine in her tight fitting Russell Jersey– we are in!  We are a part of this huge celebration and our pocket books are open for all of it.

The big question is does this team represent the city of Seattle?  Does it really matter?  Do the antics of a sports team reflect on the city itself?  Seattle, being one of the prettiest cities in the country has wanted its place in sports history for some time– one has to wonder what we lose in order to achieve it?

Pro Football doesn’t have the kind of people we used to look up to, but over the years the players are either thugs or Jesus freaks.  Up until last week, I applauded Russell Wilson’s message:

But after seeing that, I have pretty much lost hope.  These sports icons don’t share my beliefs or my morals.  Then again, neither does Pete Rose or Lance Armstrong, but I still love baseball and cycling. I know people will find nothing wrong with Russells message, especially if you are a “Christian”.  I, however, always take issue with any message, be it social or commercial, when delivered by a sports star in particular.  Your relationship with religion should be a personal journey and signing the lords praises while also hauking Sports Wear sends a mixed message.  On one end you have Wilson and on the other you have Marshawn Lynch with Beacon Plumbing.  The marketing of the Seahawks reaches its arms long and wide.

in the end, does any of it really matter?  I guess time will tell– but the time will come soon enough when my son begins to comprehend more and begins to ask questions about these “stars”.  I am sure by then the marketing will be even more aggressive and personal and that much harder to defend against.

..In Germania

I have safely arrived in Germany a few days ago and have seemingly recovered from the jetlag. Looks like I got out of Seattle just in time, as the news reports have the area looking quite dismal as predicted. The incliment weather seems to affect Seattle more than any other place– due to the hills and lack of resources in getting the roads and commerce taken care of.
When Jason and Apple took me to the airport, it had snowed the night before, so it was a slight challange to get up our little hill, but we made it to the airport without any problems– however, the storm bore down just hours after my flight left Sea-Tac.
The flight was far from the worst flight I have had– Delta tries to do as little as possible to be anything more than slightly accomodating, but for the measly $505.00 I paid for a round-trip ticket, I can hardly complain about it all that much.
I am happy to report that everything is fine in Germany. Lili was crying when I got out of customs, which took much longer than usual– my bags were literally one of the last ones out of the plane and it was so good to see her. My father in law, Uwe, was also there and were all delighted to be re-united once again for the holidays.
The first night we stayed in a nice hotel in Koln city center and arrived at the house yesterday afternoon. Lili’s parents headed off to their company Christmas party and then they will head off the Bremerhaven for a couple of days. Lili and I are going to the Christmas Market tonight to meet up with her friends, eat some food and drink as much gluvine as we can stomach. She is yelling at me to get ready, so I will finish this off later.
Stay varm in Seattle!

Pathfinder… Recovered.

The pathfinder was recovered a few days ago, but I have been working so much that I have not had the time or the energy to write about what happened.

On Tuesday morning at about 2 am, as I was about to leave to go Microsoft for more work, my cell phone rang and I answered it, thinking that it was Lili.

It was the Seattle PD, and they asked if I had a Grey Pathfinder, which I replied that I used to have one. They said that they have recovered it and that it was located in West Seattle, near the Delridge projects. They also mentioned that I had the LOWJAC installed on the car (, which I was not aware of because I had just purchased the car in the last couple of months.
For those of you who don’t know what Lojack is, its a radio transmitter that is activated when you report your car as stolen. The police are the only ones that have access to this tranmitter and thieves can not find the Lojack on the vehicle because it is hidden in different places in each vehicle.

Once the vehicle is stolen, the car starts sending signals out of the car that are picked up by the police that have this installed in their cars. The “Auto Theft” division of the SPD was doing some casual drive through of the area when they came upon the signal, which led them to recover the car.

We arrived shortly after getting the car, the police had left the vehicle parked there– and it was in good shape. The thief seems to have just stolen it and basically driven it home, before stopping off at a McDonalds for a cheeseburger. The next day he took the car out at noon and bought another 2 cheeseburgers, this time from Jack in the Box. (He left the wrappers in the car, with the reciepts.)
He did manage to steal a couple of things, such as my two newly purchased camping chairs, which were 6.99 each at walmart and a campstove and some other rather minor things, but all in all, I was lucky.

Pathfinder stolen during Harry Potter

Last weekend was a glorious weekend watching the wedding in the San Juans, this weekend was supposed to be nice and mellow, catch a movie or two before heading into my last two weeks of work at Microsoft before the break.
Instead, somoene decided to Steal the 1991 Pathfinder I just bought a month or so ago. It is certainly a bad time to do so, as if there is any good time to have our car stolen.

We were in Ballard, at the Bay Theatre, watching Harry Potter at the 6:55 showing. When we came out of the theatre, wholla, it was gone. Sad. We sat out in the rain for an hour waiting for the police or a cab to roll by and both happened by at the same time! We opted for the cab and filed a police report as soon as we got home.

I am now going to head out yet again and see if I can perhaps recover it somewhere around the Ballard area, but I am quite sure that it is quite feudal. I will be keeping an update here on my findings– the whole process is quite interesting.

Last night when the police officer showed up, he basically said that it will probably be recovered within a week or so and that more than likely “the bad guys” will just drive it around to buy drugs, party in it, come down from their high and leave it somewhere with any valuables gone and damage to the vehicle.

Classy. I don’t know where things change in someones life that they have to steal a car to go and buy drugs, I am just hoping that they are kind to that car– it is in good shape and doesn’t deserve some douchebag destroying it because he can!

Then the conversation with esurance, my insurance carrier was pleasant this morning. They said that there are several red flags about this incident and it will be investigated carefully. I felt like she was saying I was the criminal here…
Yes, I did just add insurance to the car, yes, I did just purchase it and recieve the title, but that does not make me a criminal!!

She also mentioned that they do not give the blue book value of the car, but moreso a percentage of the cash value of the vehicle and they wait 21 days before that process even starts. During that time, they will be investigating me to make sure that all of this is legitimate, which is total crap. They didn’t investigate me all these months I have been making payments to support them!


Lessons to be learned in all of this, I am sure! I will keep updating this issue.