Fort Townsend State Park

This weekend took us to Port Townsend area, one of my favorite coastal towns in Washington State. I spent a couple of weeks one summer in Port Townsend for the annual Writers Festival that takes place there at another park, Fort Canby. Port Townsend is a little out of the way for most destinations, but the town has a quirky artsy community, so it’s always fun to poke around the town and check out all the parks.

We stayed at Fort Townsend this time, at the group camp. It turns out it is quite an amazing spot, where you share the area with a former Torpedo Tower, used to inspect enemy torpedo’s and mines. Very cool site with several spigots with running water, so it makes for a nice group camp. We spent 4 days there with a generator among 4 trailers (3 pop ups and our rig) and we could easily spend over a week there without missing a beat. There is so much to do in that little spot in the world that the days pass by quickly. The site is off by itself, 1/4 of a mile away from the rest of the park where campers stay. Those spots look close to one another, but the group site is by itself and the area is private except for the hikers and bikers that wandered into the site on occasion.

Lili and I arrived first, catching the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry on Friday with Elliott and Liam in tow. The others made it a couple of hours later, but it worked perfectly because I always manage to almost get lost on the way and we actually overshot the group camp and then had to spin it around after the rangers station. Turning around a rig of this size is becoming easier with practice and this was another opportunity! It was a tight turn to turn back, but we managed to get it turned around and headed to the group camp.

We were joined on this one by the baseball families and my good friend Ben and his family came on Saturday for the night. We got situated around 7 and made some burgers and hot dogs as the kids were hungry and we needed the time to get set up.

While the rest of the state was submerged in another summer heat wave, Thursday was very warm, but Friday and Saturday were perfect weather wise. This was the first time taking the new generator and it operated perfectly. We used it in the evenings to charge up the devices and keep a charge on and also to clear out the heat from the trailer.

The Whole Gang at group camp, Port Townsend State Park, Port Townsend, WA on 8/14/21.
Here is the whole gang on Sunday before we headed out. 8 children!
Goldie Approves of the comforts of the RV
Little ones enjoying the campground fun
Travel Trailer is set up and ready for another weekend adventure!!