Sunday Evening Political Post

Last week, I decided I would begin to write a weekly posting about my journey to come to terms with the political atmosphere that Washington DC has managed to create in front of our very eyes. At the beginning of all of this Trump ordeal, I was telling people that this is actually very good for our democracy, there are safeguards against an overzealous capitalist from taking the United States away from the people and hoarding all of it for themselves– and this, the election of Trump would actually help strengthen the resolve.

Or it would collapse right in front of us.

Now I don’t think either of these things are going to happen and it’s very scary– the by-product of all of it is all around us now. The Democrats are stepping over one another to make their point so that they can be the nominee. Democrats making promises that soon turn from promise to… well I really tried to not… Misinformation is everywhere and now we have a global pandemic in our midst. Two people died this weekend in the same town I call home. Infectious Disease personnel are telling people to STAY HOME. Concerts might be cancelled.

But the Democratic show must go on. I voted in the primary this weekend and I am not afraid to say I voted for Elizabeth Warren. Clearly, she is the only candidate who really, truly gets it. She might be a bit socially awkward and she might have gotten her law degree from friggin Rutgers, but her policies and her vision moving forward are the reality this country needs to move forward, instead of continuing to use scare tactics, fear mongering and chaos to control the American people.

Here is the clip that really made me turn the corner on her:

Economics. Now look, it appears VOX is VERY favorable to Warren… Particulrly when you watch the other “The Case for” because of all the little jabs throughout history that the other candidates, like BIDEN, don’t fare so well. Ill include the link to the Biden one as well, so you can see how the frame goes on both…

I posted some information last night on Bernie, who I was never a fan of. Historically, I feel like I have always been in Biden’s corner and I was very hopeful that he was going to run here, but overall, I think Biden’s out of contention just as much as Bernie is — I don’t think the shiv went deep enough into Trumps neck and the questions would still come out if we got to the general election on exactly how much did Hunter Biden take while he was involved in. The circle of trust has been broken and its noticeable. He doesn’t have enough political capital for people just to give him a pass, either.

I think with Warren, Biden would bow out gracefully and have us all get excited about the nomination and she would begin to make the case for America…

Here is what I like about Warren: Consumer Rights Advocate. Understands how the economy works and has an interest in it. She believes in the free market, but she also strongly believes in safety nets. This would be a welcome change where we might be able to actually address the deficit or at least get a plan together for it. I think she gets it and she can be a hard ass– and she will need to be to stand up against Trump and his negative nation of people who really believe that Mustard Mussolini is trying to make this a great nation…

But I digrees.

We will see next week once they have counted everything at least a dozen times. Im not going to tell you how to Vote, just vote and send a message that we are ALL WATCHING.