SNOWMEGGEDON and other tales of Winter… in Seattle and beyond

SO here we are, the other side of Snowmeggedon. Lili begged for snow and she got way more than even she probably wanted. Today we are taking the train down to Portland and you can see that it’s trying to make another appearance in the south end.

It wasn’t a ton of snow like people get back east, but you can still drive around and find communities who STILL havent been plowed which still have slushy roadways two weeks later.

Everything has to be perfect for significant snow to in Seattle. This is the coldest February we have seen in quite some time, with the average temperature 10 degrees colder than the norm. This was caused by a trough of cold weather that usually hangs out in canada coming down for a visit… Usually those kind of systems bring clear and cold with a little moisture at the front, and rear or both. Usually when it snows, the cloud coverage has a habit of warming up enough to where the snow doesnt stick– it just becomes SUPER wet and sticky.

This year, it snowed and stuck an inch or two, but that was plenty to cause some significant issues with roads that are not plowed but once every couple of years. Then the real storm came and dropped 4-6 inches, then another storm rolls in with more, than one more the next week. Together, the kids were out of school for 3 days and 2 early releases the first week, no school the 2nd week and then they had a week off for Mid-Winter break. In the end, this means that the were in school for a total of 5 full days in February and 2 half days.

Oh and then we are going to Cabo San Lucas a week from tomorrow. Not bad for a mid-winter break– but we couldn’t wait to get some Vitamin D before Spring.

Anyway, just a short post today, mostly because I wanted to post something up — haven’t had the time to write anything in the past 3 months because work is crazy busy and then there is the family life runarounds. All good stuff in the great scheme of things, but always a lot to think about– and things like writing and exercise take a back burner– particularly in the winter months where I think we all have such little motivation… I need more Vitamen D3.

Hope all is well.