I'm back (you didn't even notice I was gone)

We had a little scare this week.

Hosting a website is a tricky business.  You have your domain, which you own, as long as you pay the domain fee.  Then you have to have a company which hosts the domain, usually the same company.  For years, I have been using Bluehost.  They used to be solid and pretty cheap, but I have had them now for over 7 years and last month, the renewal wasn’t on autopay, I didn’t pay attention and the site was brought down.  That was on July 5th.

On the 31st, since I still hadn’t renewed my hosting, they deleted the whole thing.  Databases, site, everything.  I called them, wondering what in the hell was going on– they explained that they don’t make backups and that data is deleted at the end of the month following non-payment.  Years of work, flushed away without a care.  She offered me to go to sales to start over… Lili cried at the loss of all that she had been working on with her craft site– it was unnerving.

I decided to contact technical support– maybe I had gotten some clown who didn’t realize that there were still backups, that all couldn’t have been lost…

Luckily, that was the case.  I spent a couple of hours working with someone in India who restored the databases and we are back up and in business once again.  Still– the situation as a whole is a nasty affair.  However, with the amount of files I have, its not easy to just pick it all up and move the stuff to a new home and most of the other sites are the same– and really, who has the time to think about the process of migrating the data to a new hosting provider and going through and republishing all of that content?  Well, I have a year to figure it all out now….

I am mainly writing this today to make people aware that if you do decide to run your own site for whatever reason, the business side can be challenging, even if you aren’t selling a product.  This site isn’t worth anything to anyone but me and someday when I am no longer here, maybe my family, but it still holds value to me personally.