Less than 100 days

Facebook has gone noticeably numb over the political shitstorm that has endured over the last 56 days.  People are sick and tired on both ends of the debate, tired of the daily news that everything this administration has touched has had some kind of colossal fuck up attached to it.  Unless of course, you just solely watch FOX NEWS for all of your government spin-then everything has been going swimmingly.

But, most of us aren’t that dumb.

The southwestern border has seen 40% less illegal border crossings since President Trump began his tirade against the illegals.  Great work if you think illegal immigrants are the source of all the problems in this country.

This isn’t the top news of the day, no today’s top news came from the Republicans have finally released details of their replacement of ObamaCare and its not even expected to pass a Republican controlled Senate.  Its a paper that was turned in just before the deadline by a bunch of drunk frat bros just trying to get the paper in before they fail the course.

What the Republicans are quickly figuring out is that American Style healthcare is very complex system that can’t just be overhauled like a Trump hotel in a matter of a couple weeks.  This is not a project based, Apprentice style system where the only thing you need to do is make as much as possible to win the big prize– no, in most cases it’s just the opposite.  The way that people pay for insurance, the way that claims are administrated and paid out — all of it is highly complex and so little of it makes sense– its a system that had just been clicking along for years before the Affordable Care Act tried to stop the bleeding from a very deep wound.

I wrote that about two weeks ago and never published it because I wasn’t finished with the thought but ran out of time.  Now, two weeks have passed and I back to rethinking about TrumpCare and how its unlikely America is going to get anything near what it wants/needs.  Instead what we are going to get is something that worse than what everyone bitches about now.  They tried to pass something that was so terrible that even the Republicans (who voted a reality star as the leader of their party) can’t find it in the soulless voting block to pass it.  That’s saying something.

Word tonight is that late night deliberations by the Republicans has still not gotten the votes, even though Trump threatened them to being removed the next election cycle.  When cronyism doesn’t work, political threats in his own party?  What’s next?

Here’s the thing:  Don’t stop talking about it.  This is our healthcare.  This is our country. Let your voice be heard.