The Miracle of Life, Part 2

In some ways, it feels like ground Hogg day, having that second baby in the same hospital that you had the first one. Here we were again, almost exactly three years ago– and not much changed.

This time there was no labor to see how far we would get, this time it was purely surgical, an early morning appointment that led to a son being born about 2 hours after we checked in.

We learned a lot this time.  For example– in the south, they don’t encourage breast feeding, but rather direct to formula.  Seems insane to me, especially given the overall health of Elliott and he was breastfed for 14 months.

One thing that was new this time was the immediate skin to skin contact following the C-section.  This is now highly encouraged if not loosely required.  As soon as Liam’s vitals were checked and his health and weight recorded, he went to spend a few moments with mom as she was being stitched up.

This birth was much less stressful than the previous one with Elliott.  Elliott had a slight heart murmur and after 18 hours of pushing, we were all out of our element.  The procedure was unfamiliar and there were some complications.  This time around, it was like clock work — the only surprise was his weight– all along we were all thinking it would be a big baby– at least 8.5lbs– but in the end, he ended up at 7.5– not a bad surprise to say the least.

All of this is good, but what most of you will come for are the pictures… Speaking of pictures– we will have some really great photos done by Trellis Photography… I will post those as soon as we get them…. (

Wish us well… We go home tomorrow and then the double trouble begins…. Hope to have enough time to post to the site and keep things updated.  I know that people get tired of cute baby pics clogging up their Facebook feeds. 🙂

Thanks to everyone that came by and we hope to see more of you this weekend!