Three Weeks to go….

This summer has flown by– most it a blur in a fast moving cycle of work, spending time with friends and getting things unpacked in the new house.

I went to my first Masonic meeting in several months– we seemed to be busy or just dealing with house issues for every meeting this summer– I can see why lodges tend to go dark for the summer months. Getting back into the cadence of a Masonic Meeting is good– and other habits will also hopefully begin to take hold.

Owning your first home is more overwhelming than I had thought it was going to be– but not something that wont go away with time– but purchasing within that final stretch of pregnancy is a pretty major stretch for any couple to take.

It has also been quite the summer in Seattle– the hottest one that I can remember from June through now– even today it is expected to be over 85 today… which is very warm for the Pacific Northwest.

Elliott and I got the time yesterday to make it out and check out the Ringling Brothers Circus,.  You can check it out here:

The theme was Circus Super Heroes– the format was good.  It had a very nice mix of both animals and acrobatics, complete with elephants.  You can check out the pics on my facebook page here:

Well, it’s time to watch the end of the Seahawks game — I will try to add more as I can over the next couple of weeks– mid-October is when we should see the new Hogglett…..