Dave Matthews at the Gorge 2013

The annual Labor Dave Weekend at the Gorge brought for the 61, 62 and 63rd shows that I have seen the band performing.  Some might think that is a bit excessive, but for me it’s been a privilege to watch such a great group of musicians perform together– and this weekend didn’t disappoint.

Few people locally realize just how special the gorge is, how over the years it has managed to gain national recognition as one of the top venues to see a band live– it’s up there with Red Rocks and Saratoga Performing Arts Center in New York.  The Dave Matthews Band has managed to make this three stop show a must see pilgrimage for any fan and after this years shows, the band will most certainly have more people than ever looking for tickets to this beautiful venue.

I managed to get quite a bit of video from the 3 nights, in HD.  I tried my best to not move too much– so please excuse the occasional shaking.

The Band opened the weekend with one of my all time favorite live songs– a rare gem which I haven’t seen many times.  Big Eyed Fish into Granny:

Dave Matthews Band, The Gorge, Big Eyed Fish- Granny N1, September 30th, 2013 from Timothy Hogg on Vimeo.

Here is one of their most popular song, What Would You Say:

What Would You Say N1 from Timothy Hogg on Vimeo.

They Finished Friday with a massive set closure… What I like to call the Facemelt— Ants Marching into Halloween and finishing it off with the new, Pink Floyd like song Drunken Soldier:

Dave Matthews Band, The Gorge, Ants Marching-Halloween-Drunken Soldier N1, Aug 30th, 2013 from Timothy Hogg on Vimeo.

I will be posting more of Saturday and Sunday as soon as Vimeo finishes rendering the images.