An Interesting timeline…
I decided that since it has been such a long time since I have posted anything on here (and since it is slow at work, thanks Uncle Bill), it was time to work on a little project I have wanted to do for some time– show a couple of photos over the last year and a half to show how quickly little Elliott has gone from newborn to little man. The changes are really interesting to watch– his development now is happening at such a fast rate, it is hard to keep up with in real time as opposed to detailing it for historical purposes.
Lets start with a picture from his first few minutes of life:

Elliott 10.1.2011 027






So Cute, lets show one more for good measure. I think here he is about 3 minutes old :).

Elliott 10.1.2011 025






Here we have Elliott in Germany, when he was about 6 weeks old.








Not sure how old he is here exactly, but I would say about 4 months old. We were looking for a nice summer hat for him. This will always be one of my favorite pictures of him. My little cubano!









Another favorite– if I showed you a picture from when I was a baby and this one, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.
big cribin









And Wholla– here I am at about 1.5 years old– 1974 Baby!
hogger 1974









May 7th, 2012: Elliott is 7 Months Old here. This outfit was sent from Germany from Hauke and Martyna– it is the traditional shipman’s outfit from Bremerhaven. He grew so fast he was only in this beautiful outfit a couple of times..









The King at the one year mark– this is one of my dad’s favorites.
the king









This is taken from Christmas morning, 2012– so here is he is about a year and 2 months.






Once Elliott started walking, he was quickly getting into various things and playing lots of fun games, which made both Lili and I crack up from all the fun he was having. Once really fun game he started to play each night before bedtime was to run down our upstairs hallway back and forth between his Momma and Papa. As you can see here, it was a lot of fun!
Another Shot from that night
Ok, One More














We had a week of spring like weather recently and so we decided to take Elliott for his first real trip to the beach. It was so nice and sunny that we let him walk into the sand and dip his feet into the water– as you can see, he loved it, but was a little weirded out by the whole experience.

















Springtime also allows for us to finally get out the Wagon that Uwe built more than 30 years ago!!! Very, very cool. Lili and Scrollan had this wagon when they were kids and now Elliott and his brother/sister will get lots of use of it soon too!









Well, this has been a rather exhausting exercise and Elliott and I are tired… Hopefully I will get more time soon to add more!