Skyfall Fails to deliver Bond character

Skyfall, the latest James Bond film, had so much potential to be a great Bond film and instead it echoes as one of the worst made. Sure, there are some obvious lemons in the Bond arsenal, but this one doesn’t have the cheese factor that makes the other Bond films still somewhat tolerable (minus the Dalton versions).
I feel asleep twice during the film, which doesn’t happen. From the start, the film felt awkward (SPOILER ALERT), with Bond dying, but then he didn’t really die. Instead, he goes on a bender, beds a couple of ladies and decides that he needs to go back. M, not impressed, makes him re certify as an agent. This entire process takes about 15 minutes of the film and it is still wondersome what the point of him dying or pointing out that his shot was off. There are lots of plot pieces here that don’t go anywhere.
This film seems like it was made in order to introduce a new Bond on the horizon and to retire other characters– Goodbye M, Goodbye Q and Hello Nubian MoneyPenny? Skyfall should have been named M Endgame and they should have worked on a better script to pay homage to Judy Dench’s longtime career as M.
Javier Bardem as the rogue agent coming back to make M pay for her abandonment of him had some good potential, but even he couldn’t save the terrible writing in this film. Bardem’s character doesn’t appear nearly as much as all of the trailers suggest– and when he does appear there are very few scenes where his character has anywhere near the impact of a villain that he did in No Country For Old Men.
Then, to top it off, there is the debacle that is Skyfall– a Scottish plantation that looked more like Wayne manor than anything Bond would be related to. There is even the odd butler, played awfully by Albert Finney. There is nothing Bond like with the end of this film, no amazing chase scene, just a lot of explosions and a quick shiv in the back– which is very much how I felt after I left the theatre– like I had been stabbed in the back as well.
Can it really be that difficult to make Bond films the way that Ian Fleming thought they should be made?
Who is James Bond? A timeless Spy who doesn’t age, who is sexy to every woman he comes into contact with. British. British humor. Technological gadgets that push the boundaries of technology as we know it.
None of the above were really in this movie— A gun that only fires according to handprint? WOW. That is original. A miniature device that shows where he is at any time, complete with an antennae? WOW.
Skyfall is just lazy.
I wish I would have known, I could have waited for the Dvd.

We have a lot of things to be thankful this year and I wanted to take a moment and list them down. Although I set a goal this month to get back into the writing mode, I didn’t get the chance to even really get started– the work situation was ever developing and moving forward and Elliott has been quite busy. Lili also went back to work at Smilebox, which was really a very cool thing to happen–she likes going back to work and we, like any other American household, have our fair share of debts to pay– but it was more her being able to go back and work with people she really likes working with.
I started a new job with T-Mobile, which harkens me back to the days of telecom before I went back to school. The team is good and the workload doesn’t appear to be too crazy– a welcomed change from the Microsoft.
Then there is Elliott. What a crazy time it is as a parent. He is now officially mobile– and by that I mean walking! He started about 2 weeks after his 1 year birthday and last week he was walking about 5 steps at a time. This evening marked a major milestone in my eyes– he actually went through multiple rooms without stopping. It’s a pretty amazing site to see this kid go from crawling to walking in 4 months. His confidence in walking since he has been at the daycare has been fun to watch– before he wouldn’t walk without there being something to grasp within reach– but today, he just went on his own way and didn’t care if there was anything to hold him back.
I am pretty certain that this is the begininng of a major change in the way we are currently living our life– now that he is mobile, we really have to keep up with him.
Elliott loves doors– more than I have ever seen another babies interest in them– if there is a door, he needs to open or close it. He wandered over to Lili’s buffett that she brought from Germany — some of which is actually locked– he wouldn’t let it go– he just kept at it, trying to get it to open– it was a pretty fun thing to sit back and watch.
Well, that is about it for now. Time to make yet another run to the store for tomorrow. I am hosting the Turkey dinner and Grandparents Frannie and Stevie are coming by with Sarah and Captain Ron hitting up the dessert.tray. Very excited for this time of the year and I love cooking the turkey!
Happy Thanksgiving and here here to everyone having a safe and happy one!!!