10 Months and One Week

Elliott has always been a big fan of the shades. He is always pulling and trying to put sunglases on (which always makes the parents nervous) and smiling– the pictures isnt a difficult one to take… 🙂

The last month has been a whirlwind of work, family and summer.  I feel like tonight is the first moment I have had to stop and breathe, let alone update the blog, which I feel bad about– the intention of this blog (and the reason I am paying for it) is to have something that Elliott can read later.

As for Elliott, well, you are growing and developing at an amazing rate.  I feel like everyday I see something new– as the pictures below from the last couple of months, show.

Hanging at the Juanita Beach!
This is my favorite picture thus far as of late– although the moment which caused this was not nearly as cute as this. Elliott was making his loud schrieking voice and jumping up and down– he wasn’t ready for bed! I walked in and he knew that he had won…

So as you can see, lots of changes going on– hard to keep up with.  It’s life passing right in front of your eyes– but I am trying to post more here than on Facebook because there is more design ability here than there– and this feels like it’s a little more personal.

Here is a the only shot we have of Elliott’s first night of camping! We stayed at Potholes State Park for 2 nights– and it was a lot of fun!

Camping was a lot of fun– so much fun that we didn’t take many pictures.  We were at Potholes for a couple of days– it was nice to get away and even tho the weather was hot, Elliott was in good spirits the entire weekend.

His cousins, Jacob, Jemma and Ben were also loving the sun and the jetski’s.  We had a really good time!

Well, the battery on the laptop is giving me the soon to be fatal error, so that’s all for now, but more pics to come!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!