8 Months

This post isnt going to have cute pictures or even cuter videos to show you, instead I want to try describe the best that I can what has happened in the last eight months of our lives.  On October 1st, 2012, Elliott was born and since then the three of us have been on this whirlwind roller coaster ride that is both the most exhausting and fun thing I have ever done in my life– and Elliott is, we both admit, probably the easiest going child that anyone could imagine.

Since that very first moment where I saw him being pulled out of the darkness that was his home for 9 months and one week, I had fallen in love again.  It is hard to believe that it has already been 8 months and I am sure I will be using that very phrase until the day I die.

Looking back on it, I see the last eight months as three specific milestones. Birth, Four Months and now.  When Elliott was first born, he was the most beautifully precious thing I had ever seen– it is true that your child is always going to be the most beautiful!  He was so tiny and so vunerable– I felt like (still feel like) here is this little thing that really depends on me to be there for him– he can’t make it on his own– he needs Lili and I– and that is a very powerful feeling and process to go through.  When I followed him over to the baby warming station so that they could finish cleaning him up and getting him ready for us and he made his first real cry of protest, I was just honored to be a part of this little guys first moments in the reality of his life, which he was just beginning at that very moment.

Then it all became a blur of memories of those first couple of weeks– getting him to “latch on” for feeedings, making sure his baby weight was up around the acceptable weight and that he wasnt losing too much weight or becoming too dehydrated and pooping and all of that basic stuff that we dont tend to consider all that much..

Then the next memories are at the four month milestone, where all of the sudden, out of the blue, he started to smile and notice little things in the world— shy and curious, but erring on the side of shy.  Four months seems to be the magical age where the baby begins to develop out of the cute baby baby mode and transistion more into an active baby roll.  They become more inter-active, if you will.

Then we have the now– where he is full on baby, fighting everyday to grow into toddler– where movement, any kind of movement rules his entire day– where those little wierdo straps on the baby changing table– the ones where you wonder why in the hell would I need these straps– well, those are for the post 8 month old babys who are like yoga instructors on crack and red bull.  This afternoon while I was changing him, he flipped over a record seven times while I was attemptiong to change him– I dread to think what a poopy diaper is going to look like at the end of one of these sessions.

Tonight we took Elliott out to an Indian food place so Lili and I could grab some dinner and not have to worry about cleaning up — this has been a long week for us since Elliott decided to give us our first family cold on Memorial Day weekend!  We went to Kinishka in Redmond– they have very nice Indian– but Elliott really loved to sit and people watch.  He is masterful with the ladies– giving them the big smiles and then acting all shy when they smile back at him and talk to him.  It’s a pretty adorable thing.

And he is a good kid to take out places because he still has enough of the shyness that he still keeps a low profile– no screaming and carrying on– but I am sure that is to come– it happens with all kids, right?

I am a happy papa tonight– we made it through the first 8 months— which is technically 75% of a full year– and I only managed to drop him on his head once!