President Clinton and Finley in the Lamar Valley

President's Day

President Clinton and Finley in the Lamar ValleyI will admit, I haven’t had the best lifetimes of presidents.  First off, I was born during the Nixon years and we all agree that guy was a terrible president.  Then along comes Ford, who basically had to step in because of Nixon’s impeachment.  Then came Carter, who did the majority of his work when he was out of office.  Nice guy, whom I have the opportunity to meet and engage with three times in my life.  If you look at what him and Clinton have accomplished after they were president, I think you would see some amazing men.

Carter’s lack of ability to get anything real accomplished led to the start of the Bush reign in the White House, starting with Reagan, who basically campaigned against the Democrats marking them as socialists.  It was a tactic that I will see again and again in my lifetime.  Regan and his trickle down economics keep a number of people celebrating his life and accomplishments as if he were a founding father, when in reality he was a sub-par actor who would have had his ass kicked by John Wayne, should they ever cross paths.  When I went to Washington State University, I was simply astonished at how people would bring up Reagan policies as if he WERE a founding father of some new republic.  Before that, I had likened “Dutch” as the guy who had sold the Afghan army billions of dollars of weapons because it was the Soviets and the Iranians that we was REALLY worried about.

His “forgetfulness” of course led us to believe that his amazing Vice President, George HW Bush, was the mastermind behind it all– so we gave this guy a whopping 8 years of presidency after the 4 amazing years of Reagan.  HW, I honestly don’t remember much from that period of my life, except the amazment that he won a re-election bid.

Then along came Clinton, who, aside from his penis and Monica Lewinsky, did a lot of things I liked, appreciated and understood.  Politics seemed logicial and had the interest of the people at hand.  At the end of it, we had a SURPLUS and the internet age was born.  I met Clinton, in ’95, in Yellowstone, where he was vacationing with his family.  We met at Canyon Lodge, where I was working at the time as the Activities Manager.  For a long time that summer there was talk that Clinton and family were going to go out on the Old West Cookout, but that got cancelled after I made a side comment that the terrorists were on it recently and had left an unfavorable comment card.  The secret service agent, laughed heartily, but I guess Clinton’s personal detail didnt get the joke/didn’t think it was all that funny.  I still remember that agent giving me the full tour of the outfit they wore– it was a pair of LL Bean khaki pants with a .44 in the side, and this “fly-fishing” vest that was equipped with grenades and small and medium range pistols.  Locked and loaded.

My time with the president was very short lived– a meet and greet in the Canyon parking lot and then myself and a couple of friends were in the grocery store in Jackson when he and Ted Turned rolled through — neither of them were very pleasant during that meeting, especially after I said we had already met at Canyon.  One view per person, per trip, please.

After slick willy, we got my vote for the worst president.  The man who changed it all and then was relected because everyone was so aftraid that we would get someone even worse–the man who seemingly managed to fuck everything that he possibly could, Mr. George W. Bush.  When he was elected, I swore to go back to college and then when he was re-elected, I swore to leave the country (and I did), the man who couldn’t manage to do anything correctly.  I hope that the history books really do not attempt to cover his ass for all of the crazy things that happened during his “tenure” as president.  Maybe we are all still too close to it to really asses it, but judging by how you see so little of him now, I think the world is with me on this one.   I think about the world when I think of George W– I think of how the world always viewed us as the country of fairness, of rules and law and an economy where anyone could do anything they wanted if they just applied themselves, America would find a way.  Bush stripped America of that facade because of not who he was, but moreso HOW he was…. and then, like many other terrible presidents, we rewarded his idiocy, he amazing lack of diplomocy and understanding of the global empire at his feet, we reward him with 4 more years– a chance for him to sink the country deeper into this dark space we are in now…

..and then came Obama.

Obama, who will one day win the greatest campaign ever produced– a campaign so popular that the Republican party, knowing there was no way in hell America was going to let them destroy things for a dozen years straight, throws two of the most worthless people in the party at him: John McCain, a one foot out of the grave war vet and Sarah Palin, a two-bit saloon from the University of Idaho.  I would love to meet the person that put the odds on that couple in Vegas…

Regardless, now we see just how amazing Obama is– which (and I say this even though I will 100% support him in the election) isn’t all that impressive– but again, you see the republican’s doing the same thing they did before– the real republican leadership doesnt want in now– they know that there is still a long way before they can get their kind of guy into the White House– what is their kind of guy?  A guy kind of like Obama is perfect.  Obama preaches about the shrinking middle class, but another 4 years and there wont be a middle class, so that alone would be a walkaway for any republican.  So we will continue to see the worst of the best– and if you don’t think what I say is true– next time consider a Political Apprentice where all the Presidents that are still alive get to be on the show.  Who would win?

Happy President’s Day– and here’s to better leadership by the time Elliott is of voting age.  By then it will most likely be a Chinese guy.