Germany Part1

We have been to more Christmas markets than I can count — today we journey to the border and went to Aachen, which is the birthplace of Charlemagne (He is also buried there).  The Christmas market there surrounded the huge Dom (church) where he is buried– but I must admit, I am somewhat disappointed in the quality of wears at the Christmas markets– which is something that the German family members and others I have spoken to have also been discussing.  It is very, very hard to find something special at these markets– something that sticks out as something you can only buy at these markets– other than the cups which stores the gluvine.  Germans don’t go to the Christmas Markets to shop– they go to eat and drink and socialize– the food is delicious fair like food, but German style.  You have the usual sausage parade– Bratwurst, Kraukaur and Knockwurst and then there are the pototao pancakes, schweinehauxe and of course, the belgium waffle and last but not least, crepe.  Not too mention all of the sweets and breads that are for sale– but I tend to stay away from all the sweets and focus on the big foodie items.

Aachen is famous for what is called Printen– more on Printen here:  I must admit, this is what officially got me in the Christmas spirit yesterday, biting into the German version of Ginger  Bread– although I must admit, I miss Jingle cookies when in the German land.  Everytime I see something close to a jingle cookie, I give it a go (a daunting task) and it’s always off.  You can take the mass produced cookie kid out of America, but you can’t take the cookies out of the kid… 🙂

Elliott is doing very well– he stayed awake for the entire day yesterday, for the first time ever I believe (ok, he slept for about an hour when we were driving to Aachen) so he is spending more and more time awake and moving and it is amazing thing to sit back and watch.  He is a pretty happy kid overall and he tends to give a couple of warning cries before getting really upset about anything, as if to say, hello, I am a little upset over here before he fully unleashes the reckoning.  When we first arrived, he was struggling with the time change much more than Mommy and Daddy were struggling– but he is now back on schedule and sleeping nearly 6 hours at night!  We feel so lucky.  He has been able to spend lots of time with Uwe and Susie and he has seen lots of Scrollan, Dirk and Jannik.  After Christmas, we will be making our way up to Bremerhaven to see the rest of the family, which I am very excited for.

We will be spending most of the remainder of the time in Bremerhaven and blowing big fireworks there.

Well, that is all that I have time for now.