One month to go!

Our good friends, Ben and Lindy, gave birth to Lucy today. Ben sent me a text message at 3:42 this morning to say simply, “Here we go” with a picture of him and his wife, smiling like they were about to get on a roller coaster ride. There is some truth to that statement. We went to see them earlier this evening and I held, in my arms, a living being that wasnt more than 24 hours of this earth on it’s own. It’s quite an experience, one that I havent had the pleasure of having in a long, long time. Maybe since my sister?
Regardless, all of the world’s problems and insanity stops at the very moment you see this new, helpless creature in the world– and I think anytime that a conflict is about to happen, we should put the people involved in a room with one of these new, helpless humans and ask them if all of it is really worth it.
It shocks me in a number of ways that a month from now, I will be like my friend Ben, so overly happy with what has been achieved, but there is also a sense of nervousness because now– now the true responsibility begins– it’s no longer you and your wife on your way– with the ability, at any moment to give it all up and go for something a little more interesting than the daily grind– and if you dont eat for a couple of days, if you end up on the other side of the world, well, so be it.
Not so much now.
Sure, you can still tote the little one with you on your adventures– and the other side of it is that I am now starting a family, which means that I will never walk alone. Now there is another one, someone that i have to look after– to help him move through the world as he may– and that will be exciting. He just needs to get here and we can begin that journey. To that effect, Lili has been nothing short of amazing on her journey with this baby. She continues to amaze me how she handled the whole affair– pregnancy is no easy thing– guys, we just don’t have the ability to understand it all… but women go through a lot both physically and emotionally as this thing grows inside of them– becomes part of them and then leaves them and continues to feed off of them… The whole concept is so foreign until you have one of your own… and I heard that all of my life– and I was always of the feeling.. sure… and you can keep it! Than you meet the right person and it just seems to make sense– and then you go down this road with learning about this new thing and all of the sudden it’s this whole new world of information, people’s opinion and more shit to buy than you would ever think about– it becomes a full time job preparing for every possible thing that the baby might do and to be prepared for it all– and none of that matters when you have this little, tiny, adorable thing in your hands– the world could be crumbling around you and all that matters is that this little thing makes it — and somewhere in all of that is really the core of what life is all about– the ability to share and protect one another from the reality that this life delivers.

Baby Update

Here are a couple of shots of Lili and the big bubble of baby she is carrying. I was hoping that I would have more time to write about the experience that we are going through with this whole pregnancy, but the fact is that we have been very, very busy is preparation for the bundle to arrive that I am quite beat up by the time it comes to sitting down and writing about everything there is to cover.
Things have been going very well. Lili is doing nothing short of a fantastic job managing the pregnancy. She really enjoys what she is going through, even with all of the changes and discomfort, she manages it all very well– much better than I thought any woman could. Until you go through this whole pregnancy thing on your own, I think it’s a tough experience to really share with someone.
The baby’s room is nearly ready. I took a week off over the 4th of July and painted the room, the crib came a week later, than it was Lili’s shower on the 31st and the crib bedding just arrived yesterday. Every week we get a little bit closer to the baby being here and every week we check something else off of the list.
We started baby classes that we offered by the hospital about 3 weeks ago. They go for 7 weeks, which means we should have about 2 weeks when they are finished up. They have been somewhat of a good experience, for sure, but very stereotypical. The instructor is the typical Seattle Yoga Peace Hippy Nurse, overly comforting and flexible. It makes it pretty awesome actually. The time is generally spent between one discussion topic and relaxation techniques. Relaxation and labor dont seem to really go all that well together, but I get why we are doing it. I have been considering different ways from keeping Lili from getting into the evil, angry side and keep her nice and relaxed as long as possible. It’s going to be a challenge. This week we spent a lot of time discussing the epidural situation– and a lot of people were really shocked — I think including us. We will have to see what end up doing– I would imagine we would go epidural unless the window of doing it closes– the problem with the epidural is that you are essentially tied to the bed, so no alternative positions, like we have been practicing. She likes a number of the alternative’s, but not enough to not do the epidural, so a decision will be necessary.
6 weeks to go!