Dave Matthews Band

The Dave Matthews Band are supposed to be taking the year off of touring.  That did not last long.  In January, the band announced that they would be doing several “Caravan” shows throughout the summer to commemerate 20 years of touring.  The clips below showcase the band’s latest stops in Chicago.  Lili and I attended what were supposed to be the bands last shows of 2010 in Chicago at Wrigley Field last September and they were nothing short of amazing.

These clips are super high-quality and respresent two moments of why I love this band.  Watch for yourself and comment below.


The First is a clip from “Seek Up”, the first song that really made me realize that this band was not only unique, but also amazing.  The interaction between Dave and Boyd here is just amazing, not to mention the music itself.  Traditional jazz standards where one instriment takes precedence over the rest of the band is in full effect here and the sound is just awesome.


The Second clip, Bartender, is again, one of the most amazing songs performed today.  Pay close attention to the 12 string guitar Dave is wailing on — and watch him as he transforms in this song– the passion that he invokes is nothing short of spiritual.  The magic really starts at about 3:00 minutes into the song on this clip– and just builds in intensity.  Breathtaking.




Another clip of the Dave

Like any addiction, I always find the need to validate why I am so interested in certain things.  You want other people to experience things that you have become such a great fan of–even if it doesnt make sense to them.  It was never my intention to have Dave Matthews music to become such a part of who I am, but here it is.  There are just so many great examples of good things in what they do– and that is a tough thing to find in almost everything these days.  I am just rambling now, but I hope you do enjoy this clip– I have never found much interest in Zack Brown or his band– they are a little too country for me… but this was filmed well and is a solid song on it’s own– I do hope you enjoy it.