March 27th, 2011

Dear (potential) Son:

We have started to gather some items for your arrival.  Today we hit up a “consignment expo” and bought some sweaters and of course, your first baseball cap.  It’s a Mariner’s cap, the local hometown team.  We also picked you up a nice little sweater to match my dude sweater.  I shouldn’t talk too much about all of this, it really is too early, but I do want to tell you about things that are happening and it’s days like this, inconsequential in the grand scale of things, that have the most meaning.  Underneath everything in the world, your story is starting to come into it’s own.  While you are hanging out in Momma belly and growing, we are always on the other side talking and planning on your behalf.



The Hogg is home and spring has arrived at least for the moment.  It couldn’t come at a better time.  Lili and I were lounging in Bed, I was reading “Washington- A life” when I suddenly smelled that spring air trickle in the bedroom.  I wouldn’t say that this winter has been a long one, but it has been busy and somewhat stressful– busy days of work — virtually no time left to write or enjoy moments like this one– a moment where I have the chance to catch my breath and reflect upon life– and update my blog.

The last several weeks have gone like a whirlwind.  Lili and I announced the pregnancy on Feb 23rd and since then, our good friends Megan and Fargo have brought a little baby into the world– so we get to hear lots of stories from them about their advenutures.  The idea of fatherhood excites me to no end– the first couple of years are going to be tough, no doubt but this is really what life is all about– the ability to make one for someone else.  I think about the world and all that is right and wrong with it — and the same thing rings true– it’s a pathway worth taking and giving.

I look at it this way– I have about 6 months of training from now until the child is here– six months of taking myself to task to get the things done I need to before they come in– to get into better shape both mentally, physically and finacially.  This is not going to be an easy task, but I need to do it for the betterment of myself and my family.  Lately, I have began to feel old and I can begin to feel the lingering tensions of living a life too much out of balance–and that scares me a little bit.  I need to learn to relax and also be more active– to push myself to go the mile, but also to relax when there is time for it.  Perhaps this is spring speaking, but hopefully its the feeling of that last sprint.