the dust is beginning to settle

….fragments of everything have come together.
yet some grow further apart.

Lili has been here for close to a month and we are finally beginning to feel somewhat settled into the place and things are beginning to come together. I feel like I will once again be able to take up this blog and writing again as soon as I can get my head out of the work I am engaged in and begin to think about the next steps of what were going to do for the next couple of years.

We watched a little No Reservations this evening, with Anthony Bourdain and it made us both linger for the open road– specifically Brazil. Although finances do not allow for such a trip just now, it is on our minds and we will eventually hit the road again, this time as a married couple, our lives connected in every possible legal way… It will be a nice way to travel and I look forward to spending many days wandering around this earth with my wife.

I have a week of work left before getting laid off, but I can’t seem to start freaking out about it. The last 9 months of work have been good, easy and fun, but all things must come to an end and this job was beginning to get overly boring and mentally taxing, so I am not all that sad that things are coming to an end. We all like money, we all need money and there is a certain level of comfort one has from having the same old job, but there wasn’t much of a future in the team I was in– I need something that continues to have some level of excitement in it, along with a sense of accomplishment, mixed with the greater good.

I do wish that we did have a small nest egg left over, mostly because we need to travel during this free time we have, for there soon will not be that shared time that we can both enjoy at the same time. This is the way of the world.