It’s been awhile.
This is mostly due to working a full-time position, trying to get back into shape and not really having much to report. Since coming back from my latest trip, which I blogged here, I have not been doing much other than working and working out.
I am happy to share that we rec’d notification from the Visa Center that Lili’s application was approved, so now we are just waiting to hear the date of the interview, which they only schedule in the second week of every month, so we missed March and will have to wait until April… which means May is the earliest possible date to get Lili here, but it could also be anytime later than that… but it looks like it will be May– and just in time for Sasquatch Music Festival, which hopefully I will blogging about at some point.
So that’s great news.
I am also in the process of working harder on the book that I have in before. It’s coming together–working through the parts that don’t connect so well is the hardest challange for me right now.
So, there’s the updates…
Hope all is well and I promise to write more as I have time.