Hello again my friends, Hello.
I have not been especially busy with anything worth mentioning lately, except finalizing job prospects and watching way too much television.
I have a new job, with Microsoft, on a contract, which starts on Wednesday.
The big thing that has been consuming my thoughts lately has been this terrible courting by the media to talk non-stop about the political process that we are currently entrenched in.
Three years in the making, this political season must go down as the worst one in history, mostly because we have had to endure these people for the last several years and although the faces have changed, the agenda hasn’t altered hardly at all.
The way that the news networks are going about this, it will be difficult to imagine how anyone will be able to vote with their heart.
Is it intentional?

Ooooh the Politics of it all…

So here we are in the middle of the political season and this will be remembered as one of the most disjointed runs for the presidency since… well, I would think if it had to be compared to another time, then since the civil war.
The republican party is in the midst of one of the hardest attempts to retain its control on the oval office and carry out a failed agenda that has been going on since the Reagan years, if not sooner. However, they know that this agenda is not going to work and now they are trying to distance themselves as far away from themselves as they can and still call themselves the GOP.
I don’t know, to be terribly honest.
The biggest thing I can see is that the power of the GOP sees that the only way to compete in this election is to launch a marketing campaign that shows that this is the new Republican Party!
…and what a new party it is. They end up with McCain, who is now being heralded as a “maverick” by the very institution that he belongs to– it seems like such a weird and twisted concept and one that I cannot seem to understand how people are going to fall for this.
..and this was before Sarah Palin entered the picture. This is like the greatest gift to the Dem’s that anyone could ask for– and such a pitiful move on the part of the McCain camp who barely investigated this woman before rolling her out to the American public. Everyday since the announcement there have been new and exciting revelations about the Annie Oakley of American politics– the moose shooting hockey mom that went against the corrupt and bribe ridden establishment of Alaska in just two short years!
This is a clear smoke signal to distract the American people from the issues–instead we focus more on the hockey mom and her non-birth control family that is growing by the day (oh wait, were supposed to leave her family affairs out of this), her record of two years as Governor and previous years as a mayor of a town smaller than my graduating class at University, and the years before where she actually supported Alaska attempting to resign from the 50 states, among many other little quips– this woman even makes my liberal leaning brain turn a bit conservative.
Not too mention her belief in drilling in Alaska–NPR did a great job of researching the fact that Palin went against Bush in his attempts to put the Polar bear on the endangered species list, because it would interfere with Oil exploration.
The last eight years I keep wondering to myself how the hell this could have happened, but now I realize its because people are so aloof when it comes to these issues and the politicians work hard to market their candidate in just the right way so that it confuses that middle ground where we all should be.
These two yahoos just make my pick from six months ago, Mr. Joe Biden, look like the patron saint to the people.. Think what you want about Obama, but he clearly has the backing of the Kennedy powerhouse in this campaign–and that family is one that all of us at one point in our lives have thought somewhat highly about. This question about the ability to lead the country is just such a crock to me– is W. really fit to lead as commander in chief?
Yet, we elected (sort of) to two terms of service.
Is experience really that relevant?
Its all about leadership I think– someone that is going to respected in the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY and can also reach out to Americans–and this person is Obama. Having just been married in Germany, I can tell you that people across the globe are really inspired and hopeful and excited about