Back from turkey

It feels like I am on tour.
We arrived back from Turkey yesterday morning in what was the worst flight of my life– a 4am flight from Turkey where the air conditioning was broken and I spent the time trying to sleep but just as I began to enter REM, something jarring would happen and I would wake up.
Turkey was an experience of its own merit–a sunny beach paradise which had amazing beaches but they were littered with some of the most peculiar people you could come across. The town is called Side, right on the seas of the med. It is an ancient city from the Roman times and there are ruins all around the city as a constant reminder.
I have always longed to visit Turkey, but this is not the turkey I had imagined and I look forward to now being so closely associated with Germany to be able to go there with relative ease.
More on Turkey later.
I will be entering the USA on friday, into Fort Myers, Florida. I will then be renting a car, driving to Mobile, moving out of my apartment in Mobile.
Jacobe will be flying in from San Francisco on Sunday and we will leave Mobile on Monday or Tuesday night, heading for San Fran via Austin and Arkansas and hopefully arriving on Friday or Saturday in the Seattle.

Its been a long tour, but so glad the end is near. We have the wedding pics from the photographer and they are fun and beautiful and there are many pics of my dad smiling!!!

More when I have time, I promise!

Honeymoon in Turkey

Tomorrow we leave for our honeymoon in Turkey. Yes, Turkey. Those of you who have never left the states probably do not even know where Turkey is, but it has been on my radar since the days of WSU and Dr. Robert Staab. I am excited to finally fufill the dream of seeing the heart of the Ottoman Empire and sitting on a beach and relaxing.

We are going to the Turkish Rivera, on the Mediterrian Sea. The area has some of the best beaches in the world and Roman remains, pre-Ottoman kind of thing.

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I will post when I can take a moment out of the sunny beaches and beautiful history that awaits us. We will back in Germany a week from Monday, then I fly to the states on Thursday, landing in Miami, then to Mobile on Friday, then more than likely renting a truck in Mobile and driving to Seattle by the end of the month…

What a crazy couple of months its been, but I wouldn’t trade it….

Links to Wedding Pics

Well, its been a week since our wonderful wedding journey began in Bremerhaven, so what a better way than to upload some pics for your enjoyment. We had such a great time and these pictures show it. The reception went from 7pm until 63oam the next morning, which is craziness I don’t expect to ever repeat again!
Hope you all enjoy the pics!


Amsterdam, day 3 of bacheloring.
Wedding Day Photos *Tims Camera

These are the photos from the photographer shoot–youll notice the earmark in these shots.

2008-07-03 Wedding Portrait stamped

Hope you enjoy viewing these as much as we enjoyed making these memories. Thanks to all who thought of us during our special day..

In Bremerhaven, with that wedding glow…

…and then they walked down the aisle of life together, in matrimony.
Yes, were here in Bremerhaven for the final day and I just wanted to send out a quick note that the last week before the wedding to now have been nothing but a fairy tale that I never thought I would be a part of.
The journey between bachelor and married man was legendary to say the least–special thank you to all that partook in that three days of craziness. Special thanks to my parents, Lili’s parents and her entire family which came in for the event. Everyone said that without a doubt it was the best wedding that they have ever been to– except the caterer who said we tripled the normal bar tab for a reception of that size– we are in the top 3 of the highest comsumption of booze, so obviously it was a wonderful time had by all.
So many stories to tell, so many people to thank, but all that will happen later.
For now, we are enjoying our time overlooking the beautiful Bremerhaven waterfront….
If only the world could feel what I feel inside now…