Brief Thoughts…

Just wanted to send a post out to give some updates about what has been happening lately.

I started a new job with Real Networks, in Downtown Seattle. The last job I had at Microsoft in Redmond as a Program Manager in the ELearning division. I have to tell you that working in that capacity was one of the worst things I have done in my professional life. Since this is the open internet, I will not discuss what happened during my tenure specifically, but suffice it to say that I was happy that this company offered me the same basic package without all of the drama that goes along with working for the “World’s Largest Software Manufacturer”, as well as a 12 minute commute from my house. Anything that one can do to escape the horrible traffic woes of this area is always a plus.

Other than that, I have been resting comfortably for the last couple of weeks due to a rather significant injury while caucausing for Hillary Clinton. I was asked to go onstage and make some comments about why I wanted to vote for Hillary and when I stepped off the stage, I slipped and twisted one of my ankles, which the other ankle to also twist. I thought I might have broken my only good ankle, but luckily, they are just badly bruised, with no detectable breaks. Close call for Hillary.

I am on the fence with her as a candidate. I do think that either her or Obama will do nothing in their positions to change this course that we are on, although they might be able to delay it ever so slightly.

I must admit, I don’t believe in all of the hype that is propelling Obama above Hillary. Most of it seems to come from the speech’s that people hear and the fact that this guy is not a Clinton or a Bush. I don’t find this as an acceptable reason to garner a vote for President. I am aware of the issue of having two famlies rule the White House and I am against it, but I keep coming back to the same issue: Hillary is the most qualified and seems to have the best idea of how to fix the unhappiness that we as a collective seem to be feeling. I also understand the need for hope in such a seemingly dark time, but I just don’t seem to believe what Obama is selling.

I also think that this is intentional. I think that government wants to start running without having to get the people involved and the best way to do this is to frustrate people with the outcome of the process so that they eventually forsake their duty and not vote, paving the way for their agendas.


Well, its back to work. Lili will be back in Seattle in two weeks, so the end of my single life will be coming to a close soon enough. Its crazy to think about sometimes, but other times, I can’t wait for it to be here and have someone else to walk through this crazy life with….

Look for a new blog in the next couple of weeks with wedding information, etc. Seems like an easy way to make sure people have the right information.

Hope your all well.

A moment of politic

I don’t mind telling you that I voted this week as an absentee. I voted for Joe Biden because the primary is where you can feel free to vote for the best candidate. For me, that person is Biden. He has dropped out and I might be one of the only people that votes for him, but I think of all the the people running, he is the one that could actually accomplish something.

His record is good and he is known for reaching across the aisle and working through issues– he doesn’t make proclamations about things which he knows he can’t deliver, but most importantly, he is one of the top people when it comes to Foreign Policy. He has good views on the middle east and seems to do his homework.

But, as usual, its all about the high profile candidates. I am very concerned that Obama and Hillary are essentially going to cancel each other out in the end, leaving the important undecided and indy voters to vote for McCain.

Pary lines will vote with party, but what do Hills and O’Bama really do to make those undecided vote for them? O’bama clearly doesn’t have experience and too many people are rubbed the wrong way with Clinton’s personality. I myself have seen such a dramatic change in her over the last couple of years that I side with those who just have a bad feeling about her.

McCain scares me the most of all these people. He is the king of the flip-flop and is a war-monger. He has no plan for Iraq unless there is “victory”, which there isn’t going to be, EVER. Having another sponsor of war enter the White House is a huge mistake, but I think that the majority of voters will side with McCain more than Hillary or Obama because he is a war vet and that trumps a woman and a person of color any day of the week.

The dems have made another tragic mistake in allowing this to happen– when you put the three stereotypes in the race togehter, you are asking this country address some pretty serious issues which on the surface, it seems we have accepted and are working through them, but I think that once the national focus is on this issue, the outcome is going to be very different.

I also think Hills came out way to early and started campaigning– people are tired of what she is saying now and Obama has gained a lot of momentum simply by being the “not another clinton” candidate. (**To that effect, Bill Clinton has really surprised me in the things he has said during this campaign**) I am not sure who her advisors are, but she needs to stop listening to any of them and start to show people that she is in this for the people (but I don’t believe it– she is a career politico).

Hills will get the nomination, but the real question is how many Obama supporters will suck it up and throw their support behind her– I don’t think nearly as many as it would seem to dominate McCain. I think this is going to be another nasty fight which leaves people very, very bitter about the process and the state of our leadership.

Sure, McCain will be better than Bush– but we don’t want better, we need a new direction. Although, I don’t think Obama is the way to go, or Hills or any Republican. I will support Hillary or Obama if they get the nomination, but my expectations for any change to the future is gone. We are at the hands of the market for the first time in a long time, and its not a good feeling.