Pictures of the reception site

Here are pics of the reception set for the upcoming nuptuals, set for June 28th, 2008.


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Wedding reception site

Here are a small set of pictures of the reception site in Bremerhaven, Germany. The wedding date will be confirmed soon, but it is looking like the date will be June 28th, 2008. More details to come…


Euro Mullet Watch

This little number didnt make it on the last post…


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Christmas in Germany

Guten Tag, Merry Christmas…
I have arrived in Germany on Wednesday, four days ago. I am sorry to report that I have only taken about five pictures thus far which I have uploaded below. I will make an attempt to take more pics, its just we have been so busy with things that it has been hard to pause for picture opportunities.

I am currently in Koln, where we will be for another couple of days before we head up to Bremen, where the wedding is going to be held. We will be celebrating Christmas with family member which I have not met and then we will be meeting with the caterers for the wedding and trying to arrange a schedule for the wedding.

If you have never been to Germany during Christmas, I would have to say that it is probably one of the best times to come. The weather is cold, but bearable and somewhat refreshing. The best things are the Christmas markets, which are simply overflowing with everything that is representative of Christmas and food!!

The food really puts American fair food to shame. I was simply amazed at all of the simply delicatable offerings. There is the standard Wursts, up to half a meter long, and then there are backfisht sandwhichs, which is a western New York fish fry in a bread roll, smeared with tarter paste (a personal favorite). Then for desert is a hot waffle with whipped cream and cherries, waffle mit kirchen, (also a favorite). Then there is the gluvine, which is a hot wine, which is goes well and warms you up, whilst providing a nice buzz to carry on through the busy shopping.

Today we will be making our third trip to the city centre, in search of the perfect gifts.. Our luck has not been so good and everything is so expensive, especially with the sagging dollar the way that it is. I have literally been sickened at some of the prices I have seen for things– but I am looking forward to the day after sales. Lili’s mom works in a higher end retail store and they have been quite nervous about the sales– the crowds are much thinner than in previous years and they are not buying with the ferocity that they normally would. I am hoping that this means better post Christmas deals on things. It still looks like a good amount of consumption is going on to me.

Anyway, thats about it for now. I will report back soon with more details.

–Oh and by the way, I am taking a lot of random pics on this trip of people and they horrible hairstyles. I have captured a live action mullet here for your enjoyment. I simple love the guys with their aged mullet circa Man-U Beckham grooves and the ladies with their best Amy Winehouse looks– simply priceless…

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Sitting at heathrow, waiting…

I am growing tired of reading constantly about other things and not sharing my own experiences. So, here goes. I have been in the air for the last 18 hours, flying to see lili in Koln… Sigh.
This is what Christmas is all about, long layovers. The time went fast here, but I made the mistake of taking way too much with me in the carry on section, especially.
…and my gate was just called. Stay tuned.