Happy new Year!! 2007

Well, another year has passed, the 33rd year of my life.
So many things happened in the last year that my mind is still reeling from all that took place.
Some notable moments:
1. Spending half of the year mostly in China, but also exploring Lao, Cambodia and Thailand.
2. Bangkok
3. Meeting the love of my life, Lilifer Behrends, of Germany in Beijing while being visited by Billy and Virgia Bryant of Yellowstone Park fame.
4. Coming back to the United States and finding a contract job with Microsoft which will hopefully allow me to get ahead in the rat race and save enough for the possibility of an upcoming wedding.
5. Lili visiting Seattle while I am starting to get everything in order.
6. Work has begun on what will be my first book. (www.notsoredchina.blogspot.com)

Most of these things are in direct relation to my time in China. I think it represented a huge turning point in the way I view certain things, but time will tell.

The plan for 2007?
For the most part– working.
This contract is hourly based with overtime, which allows for plenty of money to be made and there are lots of bills out there that need to be paid. These two things go hand in hand.
In my sparetime, I will be working on the 1st draft of the book and saving up for my visit to Germany in March to see Lili. From there, we shall see.
So for now, a very merry new Year to you all.