Nature, the ultimate rage against the machine.

All I can say is wow.
Since coming back from China, I have been continually amazed how we live here, especially when we as a society are faced with a dilemma, which is much the case now here in Seattle.
For those of you who don’t know, Seattle was whacked for the second time this season, but this one with an intensity that none of us has seen in sometime. Microsoft lost of all its power in the Seattle area and was unable to function. I work for the MSN OPS Center, which is the certralized hub of all issues related to the Microsoft Network. We were relocated to another site in South Seattle because the generator power at MS was not enough to handle the routers and other equiptment that are essential to our core business.
All of it at the mercy of mother nature.
Its hard to not think about everything that the country has and how little response time we have when it comes to disaster. Its also not difficult to think about Katrina and the lack of response of that and contrast it to this–where its all hands on deck and people working around the clock to make a difference. Everyday progress is made and continues to be made until the power is restored and people are on their way back to normality.
Then, there is China, where if a tragidy occurs, the government either downplays the issues or they cover it up.
Anyway, thats my side.


So, this is the way that it works.

Days usually begin preciesly at 830 in the morning.
I sit up, recall waiting for the moment for quite some time
nod a few times
and begin my day.

At least four days out
the standard seven in the same way
I get up and move closer
to my death

these days theres no such thing as silence
and no time to get out there and write something so big, so immense that it makes you think….

If I could change the world
Just stop watching TV
and youll have time to read
make change
and propose a soloution to all this

There was a choice that you just happen to make at some point. When I came back from college, it was finally done. I had put in my time and made it a good time, in both senses of the word. Now, I wanted to do something with it. Not so much make money, but get involved in something where you are helping to progress someone in society. Now when I say that, it might sound wierd, but its not.
This is how I fell into Chinas grasp.