110th Street (just tryin to survive)

It has been a two week hiatus since my last entry, which was a copy of a newstory. Sorry about that– I guess the last two weeks have been more than slightly crazy as I have been working a lot and don’t have the time or energy write anything on the blog after working on computers throughout the day.
I have moved into the new place, a nice apartment on 85th and Greenwood, which is a decent part of the city–still some color left in the neighbourhood and lots of things are very close to the apartment–lots of nice restaurants, grocery stores and even (gasp!) a Fred Meyer!
Lili has also arrived in Seattle–she arrived here on Friday, the 15th of September. So this is our third day together and she is sound asleep on the floor in the living room–the jet lag has finally caught up with her and it leaves me enough time to do a little writing and be focused for the time being.
This past weekend was a little crazy with the WSU football team coming in to town– WSU vs. Baylor–and I am happy to say that we did win and I did not go to the game. WIth the new Lili in tow, I thought it might be a better idea to go out and enjoy the city, instead of going to a game and getting wasted beyond belief–there is always Apple Cup for that kind of thing….!

and YES, for those of you that are wandering, I am going to start working on the China stuff soon–a couple more weeks and the weather will be shitty once again and the time will be here to begin to write about my experiences writing once again.

For now, here are some pictures to see.. 🙂