Due to some unforseen techinical difficulities, I will not be uploading pictures until I arrive back in Chenzhou this weekend. Please try to contain yourselves. I have taken some of the best pictures of the trip thus far…
Having a good time in Tianjin and trying to figure out when to go back for the final stretch of teaching in chenzhou.
Mom–I got you some really nice things in Beijing!!!

In Tianjin for the last couple of days, visiting the University where Lili is living…. The place is much nicer than she described it–many of the things that Chenzhou is missing can be found here. Some of the design and architechture is what I would call chinese standard, such as a varying amount of temple dogs around the city and some rather nice ancient buildings as well.

A worker at the Summer Palace.

One of the main treats of the trip-the grounds of the Summer Palace are nothing short of amazing and certainly one of my top attractions that I have seen thus far in my time here. The sheer size of the place is amazing-it would take at least a couple of days to cover it all, but in the 6 hours we spent there we managed to cover a lot of it.
(As you will have seen in these pictures.)

The entrance to the Summer palace, stocked with fresh Chinses tour groups!!!

Ahhhhh, The SNAKE BILE WINE. Don’t worry all you boozers out there. I will be bringing back a small bottle of this little hombre for all of you to try….

A message from Lily, checking to see if I am still alive…. Posted by Picasa

Nothing like a fine dinner at a countryside restuarant with some beer and snake bile wine to set the mood for friendship.
It seems like a long time since I have put up drunken pictures of my antics in China…
This was a fun night that I barely remember, but we got some great video.

Nothing quite like the Black and White picture sometimes. Here is myself and Heric, a very nice man with the Chenzhou government who is encouraging me to begin an import business when I go back to the states.
He is the man who helped me get my old, fake nikon replaced… So I owe him a lot

Let the drinking… Begin.

Post drinking. As you can see by red face, which I get now when I drink because I dont do it nearly as often.
The Chinese are classic drinkers–they love to section you out and make you do solo shots with all of them, but the lucky thing is that they don’t last very long….

Don’t worry mom. I am okay. Its nothing like the old days that you dont know about.
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Chenzhou living..

A photo of me, the dragon ladies assistant on my left and the dragon lady herself. Her assistant is cute and nice, quite the opposite from the other one.

Nothing quite like Mountain Biking through Chenzhou in a nice floral print.

Yes, I know. Its camp. But what the hell do they make parasols like this for? Posted by Picasa