The Chinese version of Scoobie Doo’s Mystery Machine. Posted by Picasa

The Chenzhou government building–and in front of it, a giant statue of a gun with a knot in it. There is irony here, but I am not sure what it is. Posted by Picasa

What can I say? These guys love the cock. Posted by Picasa

Its been too long since I have posted a pic or a story, I know. This was taken today at one of my favorite places here in Chenzhou–the tea shop. Even though my wallet always feels much lighter from this place, I always enjoy my time at this shop.
This is the owner, a gentle and kind man from Yunnan province, the nicest place in all of China. I will be bringing back a lot of Cha from his shop. Posted by Picasa

Another Week in China

I have held off on posting anything to the old bloggeroo because the last week has not had very many events going on that are worthy of blogness.
The weather is finally improving and so are my spirits again. The last couple of days have been the same cloudiness that it has been, but the weather is warm enough to leave the windows open and allow some natural light into my flat.
Classes have been slow as my schedule is very easy this term–I have three day weekends once again as well as only one class a day, which will be nice when I begin to travel again, but when I am here it makes for a fairly boring three days. The only busy day of teaching that I have is on Friday, where I am instructing for most of the day–the rest of the time it is one or two classes and that is all.
Which should allow me for a lot of time writing and beginning to wrap up the time that I have been here, but working under deadlines has made me a bit loose when it comes to setting my own goals and attempting to sit in front of the computer for even just an hour a day seems challenging when I know I have a lot of time in the next few months to accomplish most of what I think I need to write in this first stage of developing the story.
In order for this story to really be effective, I think I also need to have a pretty good amount of distance in the story. While I am here I often find my writing to be a lot more jaded than I think it should be–but this has a lot to do with the current feelings I have about things–the worries about what happens when I come home, how when the time actually comes it will be a little difficult to actually leave this place.
In a lot of ways, the true adventure in China is going to happen more when I come home than now–this is merely where the process of change actually begins.
Anyway, enough of all that gobbily-gook.
I found out on Monday that my best friend, Billy Bryant from Alabama and his lovely wife, Virgia, will be making the pilgrimage to China in about three weeks. This is going to be quite the adventure–and just what the doctor ordered. His coming will be at a perfect time–the weather should be nice and I will have the advantage of taking some time off to show him around. It should be a great experience with some great friends– I am looking forward to seeing them.
So time is becoming a bit more of a commodity now that this is confirmed. With Billy here for three weeks and Heather coming in June for two weeks and two weeks off in May, my time is quickly coming to an end much faster than I had imagined it would.
I have covered most of the southern end of China quite well and now it is just the northern end that I need to tackle before I part. Lately I have been thinking a lot about going to Tibet and seeing that part of the world and that is either going to have to happen during the may holiday or when my parents come for a visit in July.
Anyway, thats all for now. Hope all is well.