A Visit…

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One of the better family pictures taken in recent times (sans Sarah). Pa has a slight smile (hes tryin) but this might have just been him picking at his dressing on his recent mouth surgery and not actually smiling–although all were in good spirits.

This is a shot of Dad’s impression of a House of Commons speech by a Tory.

A little change of pace.
These are pictures taken last weekend when some of the New York side of the Hoch squad rolled into town. My mother looks really good in this here shot-she had a pint of beer which really brings out her complexion.
This is also a classic Steve Hogg look. This is his conversation/lecture look where he is making a particular point about something which he believes strongly in. I have seen this look many times in my life.

Another shot where my mother looks great–they are having a great time with each other.
Of course, I was leaned on to select the place to eat so I went with the old favorite, the 74th Street Ale House. Good beer, mellow atmosphere, steller healthy food.
Although I do think that their menu has gotten a lot simpler than it used to be in previous times. They do not have any fryers, which I think is a good thing, but a little mashed potatoes wouldn’t hurt the establishment. If I were to design a pub, I would do it in the same fashion that this guy manages his, except I would work a little harder to diversify the menu just a little bit.
I would also move around the beer a little more than he tends to. In the old days, this place used to be a roving array of various taps including the best beer in the world, the Tetley’s.

Time to go for now.