Sounders v Sunderland

Ahhh yes, summer is here and in Seattle, that means FUTBOL!
This is a shot from the Seattle Sounders and Sunderland sucky match. This will be the only picture that I post of this match because it was the worst FUTBOL game I have ever watched. Sunderland is in the premiere league this year and they handled Seattle with ease.
The worst part is that Sunderland had no intention of really scoring during the entire game–they just seemed to be running drills against the JV team.
The other bad part was the lack of planning on behalf of Qwest Field– they only opened one side of the stadium, which made the game so much lamer because there were not 4,000 per side, but 8,000 on one side. (Sad part was it was the sounders biggest attendance ever!!!)
Sounder fans were like band geeks in high school–but with BOOZE!!!
Not to mention the $7.50 Red Hook Pounders!!!

Go Capitalism!