Our Dumb Country is at it again

July 11, 2016 // 0 Comments

What have I brought two wonderful children into? This weeks news is just going to rip us further apart from one another– much like the presidential election we are all being forced into.  We are all encouraged, if not forced, to take a side– pick one or the other– and we REALLY don’t like either– we tolerate them, they are a part of our story as a nation– even through it’s a story that sounds better as a fable than a reality.  Wait, am I still talking about the Presidential race or am I now talking about the PO-Lice vs the Black Man? We are again back to the difficult time that we never quite fix– the old issue of race and power.  Last week, another two black males are gunned down — lethal shots that kill both of these people.  Both were carrying, you guessed it, guns.  Because they are black, its automatically a race thing, but the Police Officer who shot the guy in St. Paul was Asian.  He said […]

An unfortunate discussion

June 22, 2016 // 0 Comments

A routine physical exam turns out with some questions– those questions turn into an MRI to check my pituitary gland.  Did you know that they pituitary gland is in your brain?  Did you know it contains a lot of functionality that your hormones use– ?  I didn’t until they went in and had a look.  That turned out to be perfectly normal… No issues– but while they were in there, they decided to have a poke around and they found a small tumor.  A TUMOR?  What?  Yeah, you are going to need to get that checked out.  He referred me over to Swedish Hospital, Cherry Hill Campus.  I called for three days straight and didn’t get anything– no calls back, nothing.  Then I tried one last time and I got ahold of a “Pam”, a nurse with the IVY CENTER FOR ADVANCED BRAIN TUMOR INSTITUTE.  Not really a name you ever want to hear.  She said she would get my MRI reviewed by a doctor and she would get back to me […]

TicketMaster/Live Nation Ticketing and why you should care

March 1, 2016 // 0 Comments

1994.  In 1994, Pearl Jam took on Ticketmaster for creating a monopoly in the live music business.  Back then, Pearl Jam tried to baseline ticket “fees” at $1.85 per ticket.  $1.85!  Think about the last time you bought tickets to a concert- how much did it cost?  We bought 4 tickets for the Adele concert in Seattle, the fees were $16.50 per ticket for a “Service Fee”, A facility fee of $4.00 and another order processing fee of $4.00 for a total of $88.25 on 4 tickets!  That means that in a venue like Key Arena, which seats 17,459– Ticketmaster collects $288,073.50 in “Service Fees” alone. Here’s the crazy part– that isn’t even what I submitted a complaint to the Washington State AG’s office!  No, the fees to me are part of the ticket price– if you want to go see someone, you have to pay the fees, I accept that– although after just listing all of that out, I am not sure I feel the same way anymore… No, what I […]


February 9, 2016 // 0 Comments

Twice. Twice now I have had fatal errors on an external hard disk that was holding major data for my personal and professional life.  It had been awhile since I indexed exactly what all of it is, but you know, the birth pictures and videos of your kids, short stories you managed to throw together in the spare moments of your life, random iphone photo dumps that you haven’t gone through but will someday… All of it gone… not once but twice. Last time I learned that backing things up on something like carbonite was the thing to do– sure they charge $120 bucks a year to back it up, but then its backed up– no worries. Wrong. Carbonite and most other backup like places only actually store your data for 30days!  Files older than 30 days get written over– so, if you have a backup that dies and you don’t check the backup for a month and it hasn’t written itself to the Carbonite drive…. Its gone.  This isn’t an “edge […]

Rising Up and Rising Down

January 20, 2016 // 0 Comments

Its been months since my last post– PRE-Star Wars!  The last post was about the upcoming film, now ancient history in the grand scheme of things.  I wrote a post about what I thought of the film and I will probably release that in the next week now that most everyone has seen the film that wants to. It has been a crazy couple of months for our little family– we went through some transition and popped out on the other side and we appear to be safe from any kind of choas for the time being.  In November, I was laid off from my contract job at AT&T, where I had worked as a Senior Project Manager for over two and half years.  2015 was a total mess in my org and it wasn’t a total shocker that I had been laid off– the writing had been on the wall for months and my boss did a good job of trying to promote our value in the ecosystem, but he also […]

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