Weight Loss

The Work Place= The Worst Place

March 16, 2015 // 0 Comments

Trying to lose a little weight can making working in an office like you are playing Candyland 40-60 hours a week!!! Its all aligned with the holidays– note what time of year you are reading this blog post…. If you are reading in real time, we are in March… which means Easter is just a few weeks away… so the office is currently lined with Easter Candy… Oh so delicious Cadbury products will soon be making their way in… It starts with the Mini-Eggs and soon enough the Cadbury Egg will be here, not too mention the marshmallow Peep, all coming your way, marching like little fat calories…   Oh, so you can resist chocolate?  Marshmallows are not a problem for you?           How about cookies?  Even if you can resist the Girl Scout cookies, you can’t resist the Girl Scouts.  Everyone has the office co-workers with the little girls dressed in their uniforms selling boxes of cookies so that they can go to camp… You can resist […]

Step 2: Watch What You Eat

March 14, 2015 // 0 Comments

The Food Pyramid.  The thing we were all raised on. It seems its a lie, but here’s why:  this chart assumes everything we consume is whole.  If that was the case, then you could follow this to a healthy lifestyle.  The thing it accounts for poorly is that the modern American diet is loaded with processed foods, so while you think you are getting a reasonable meal, say a delicious Frozen Yogurt Ben and Jerrys Cherry Garcia, you are actually getting a massive sugar bomb where the bad sugar far outweighs the good yogurt.  This is a worst case scenario, but the same idea applies to almost anything that is processed.  Food makers know that we go for foods that are either salty or sweet and easy to eat.  They package these foods with the nutritional information right on it, but what does all of it mean?!?!?!  How many of us actually read those labels? Look at the food pyramid.  Fortified Cereal and Bread and Rice and Pasta = 12 servings?  Not […]

Step 1: Being Honest with Yourself

March 11, 2015 // 0 Comments

About 6 weeks ago, I injured my knee, badly. Turns out it wasnt bad enough to require surgery, but it was a good wake up call that my joints were not going to keep carrying this weight around for many more years.  I need to lose weight and I need to lose a lot of it.  140 pounds is the recommended weight I need to look at over the next couple of years.  Most people weigh just a little more than that, but I need to lose that much. Step 1: Being honest. I have a problem with food.  I like it — alot.  I love the taste of food, I love the sense of community it brings, bringing friends and family together– what beats having a good meal with people?  The problem with that I tend to over indulge — and knowing that I also tend to stave myself before a big meal, also a mistake. So I went for a consult the other day based on my doctor’s recommendation and […]