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Switzerland — Day One in Wonderland

September 2, 2016 // 0 Comments

This trip we went to Germany and Switzerland for 2 weeks and essentially 2 additional days, but we really only got one additional day out of it.  I wish we would have spent an additional day exploring the towns around Interlaken, but we will go back at some point to explore the places we didn’t get a chance to. Trains, Trains, Trains. Part of the reason I wanted to go to Switzerland were the trains and all the connections we would make in a short period of time.  Elliott has always been so fascinated by trains that I wanted to go on a trip with him while he was still so enamored with trains and I noticed a few years ago that the Alp trains and trams were quite unique.  Our journey from Koln would have us taking the ICE express to Switzerland– the ICE got up to  290km per hour headed back and forth from Frankfurt– pretty impressive.  At the Swiss Border we switched to the Swiss Bahn trains, finally arriving […]

Germany Part Deux

January 2, 2012 // 0 Comments

This trip has been slightly exhausting and slightly over-relaxing.  I am looking so forward to our life getting back to normalcy when Lili and the baby are safely back in Seattle on the 13th.  I am leaving to head back in just a couple of days and will be spending most of this next weekend trying to sleep away the jetlag and get ready to start the new year off at my job. Don’t get me wrong– I have enjoyed this trip, but it is exhausting to spend several weeks in a country where English is not the first or perhaps even second language — and to have a newborn baby crossing into toddler hood at the same time– it is a taxing experience.  Add to that the amount of travelling we have been doing while here — and the wierd weather– it is the warmest they have seen it in the north in years– literally nearly 50 degrees in January near the Danish border… and we brought the type of clothes […]

Germany Part1

December 23, 2011 // 0 Comments

We have been to more Christmas markets than I can count — today we journey to the border and went to Aachen, which is the birthplace of Charlemagne (He is also buried there).  The Christmas market there surrounded the huge Dom (church) where he is buried– but I must admit, I am somewhat disappointed in the quality of wears at the Christmas markets– which is something that the German family members and others I have spoken to have also been discussing.  It is very, very hard to find something special at these markets– something that sticks out as something you can only buy at these markets– other than the cups which stores the gluvine.  Germans don’t go to the Christmas Markets to shop– they go to eat and drink and socialize– the food is delicious fair like food, but German style.  You have the usual sausage parade– Bratwurst, Kraukaur and Knockwurst and then there are the pototao pancakes, schweinehauxe and of course, the belgium waffle and last but not least, crepe.  Not […]

"In Europe" thoughts of wars past, contrasting present

May 7, 2010 // 0 Comments

Over this trip to Germany, I have been reading a book that I thought was simply a travel narrative of Europe. The book, titled “In Europe”, is actually an interesting journey through the last 100 or so years in Europa, from 1900ish to 2000ish. The writer begins the book at the turn of the 18th century to the 19th, contrasting the 20th as a litmus for all that was happening at the time.This has also proven to be quite useful in my own personal journey during this time as I come to realize that I am also becoming part of Europe as more than half of my family presides directly on this contentient. Each day presents new challenges as I contrast my own life as an American with the lives of Europeans. The differences are seemingly large–we view this land in totally different ways because of the time that we have to interact with not only the spaces, but the times as well. As an American, I think I seem to be […]


April 29, 2010 // 2 Comments

Lili and I have arrived in Nuremberg, Germany yesterday from Koln. We rented a rather lovely and fast Volkswagen Golf, for a very reasonable price. I am a bit sad to report that the Autobahn was not the uber fast speedway that we Americans dream to drive on– at least not yesterday. There was more construction on the bit of Autobahn from Koln to the Bavarian border that it was very rare that I got the chance to hammer down the pedal. However, when I did, it was nothing short of exhilarating. It took us about 4.5 hours to drive here and we arrived just after 5. Traffic was busy coming into town as everyone was just getting off of work and we headed directly to the hotel, which Lili claims to have found using her most excellent mapping skills, but I think it was more luck than anything else. We managed to find all three hotels like the one we are staying in — ETAP. It’s a budget hotel, 50 euro’s […]

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