August 2017

I’m back (you didn’t even notice I was gone)

August 6, 2017 // 0 Comments

We had a little scare this week. Hosting a website is a tricky business.  You have your domain, which you own, as long as you pay the domain fee.  Then you have to have a company which hosts the domain, usually the same company.  For years, I have been using Bluehost.  They used to be solid and pretty cheap, but I have had them now for over 7 years and last month, the renewal wasn’t on autopay, I didn’t pay attention and the site was brought down.  That was on July 5th. On the 31st, since I still hadn’t renewed my hosting, they deleted the whole thing.  Databases, site, everything.  I called them, wondering what in the hell was going on– they explained that they don’t make backups and that data is deleted at the end of the month following non-payment.  Years of work, flushed away without a care.  She offered me to go to sales to start over… Lili cried at the loss of all that she had been working on […]