May 2017

The Culture of Celebrity

May 24, 2017 // 0 Comments

I remember as a young kid my grandmother would always get the National Enquirer in the checkout lanes in the supermarket.  My parents used to laugh because she would believe all that celebrity gossip that went on in that rag, even though they spent a lot of time fighting slander lawsuits.  She died before the internet really took hold, but its really amazing to see how the National Inquirer no longer exists but the internet has replaced it ten fold.  The news breaks immediately, everyone sends out the same scoop and then they spend the next several days getting any additional information about a “news event” to push viewers to their site to view their content and advertising. Take for example the recent death of Chris Cornell.  I get a text alert at 3am on Thursday morning, informing me of his death in Detroit.  No cause of death, just that he is dead.  By the time I wake up at 7am, still no cause. but by 8am it appears that he may […]