February 2016


February 9, 2016 // 0 Comments

Twice. Twice now I have had fatal errors on an external hard disk that was holding major data for my personal and professional life.  It had been awhile since I indexed exactly what all of it is, but you know, the birth pictures and videos of your kids, short stories you managed to throw together in the spare moments of your life, random iphone photo dumps that you haven’t gone through but will someday… All of it gone… not once but twice. Last time I learned that backing things up on something like carbonite was the thing to do– sure they charge $120 bucks a year to back it up, but then its backed up– no worries. Wrong. Carbonite and most other backup like places only actually store your data for 30days!  Files older than 30 days get written over– so, if you have a backup that dies and you don’t check the backup for a month and it hasn’t written itself to the Carbonite drive…. Its gone.  This isn’t an “edge […]