January 2016

Rising Up and Rising Down

January 20, 2016 // 0 Comments

Its been months since my last post– PRE-Star Wars!  The last post was about the upcoming film, now ancient history in the grand scheme of things.  I wrote a post about what I thought of the film and I will probably release that in the next week now that most everyone has seen the film that wants to. It has been a crazy couple of months for our little family– we went through some transition and popped out on the other side and we appear to be safe from any kind of choas for the time being.  In November, I was laid off from my contract job at AT&T, where I had worked as a Senior Project Manager for over two and half years.  2015 was a total mess in my org and it wasn’t a total shocker that I had been laid off– the writing had been on the wall for months and my boss did a good job of trying to promote our value in the ecosystem, but he also […]