August 2015

Waxing Nostalgic

August 29, 2015 // 0 Comments

I received an email this week from Fiona, my colleague that I worked with to get the teaching job in China.  She emailed to let me know that it has been 10 years this week since I first arrived in China. 10.years.  It’s hard to believe that I answered an ad in craigslist for a teaching job in China, got the job, got the visa, travelled to China and became a teacher for a year.  Harder to believe that was 10 years ago.  This has been the busiest decade of my life.  I taught in China, met my wife in China, travelled, got Married in Germany, worked for Microsoft, had a son, got more jobs, bought a house, had another son and here we are. The decision to go to China was an easy one– provided the whole thing wasn’t some kind of sham.  Answering an ad on craigslist hardly seemed like a secure way to get a teaching job in China, but I remember I was at work at AT&T (where I work now… Oh, […]

Summer Rambling

August 4, 2015 // 1 Comment

Summers. Its that time of the year where you can hardly complain– the weather is so perfect that the worst thing we can do is complain about the heat.  This summer reminds me of the summer that I worked for the Ecology Youth Corps, picking up trash along I-5.  That summer was the hottest I can remember in the Pacific Northwest and you had to wear jeans and tennis shoes and a reflective vest– you know the kind of hot where your jeans would have that feeling that corduroy does when you run really fast in it… That was the kind of hot that summer. I don’t pick up people’s garbage anymore.   We used to walk along the highways and interstates, through the brush and thicket that grows on the side of the road that you never notice as you are driving by– you never pay attention to all the shit that people throw out the window– I know I certainly don’t.  Every summer I see those white bags with the blue logos […]