November 2014

Movember is also National Write a Novel in November

November 5, 2014 // 0 Comments

Moustaches and writing. This month is National Write a Novel in November, since, after all, it is November.  So while some of my friends might choose to raise your awareness of their prostate through growing a mustache, I am going to offer you something else:  The opportunity to read a short story written by me, with a new passage added every day for the remainder of this month.  Heres why:  I have tried 3 separate years to write a novel in a month and everytime, like growing a full 70’s porn like stach in under a month, I have failed.  It’s ok.  I have come to terms with it– you learn from failure.  So this year– it different.  This year, I am just going to try to get out one story passage per day.  Hopefully I will come up with one or two that everyone likes.  Here goes: The Hunt Nov 4th. Somewhere you will never be, WA. 3 solid days.  3.  That’s how long I have been out here.  Some years, its been […]