March 2014

Seattle Eastside Housing

March 16, 2014 // 0 Comments

I have to say that the Seattle market for Real Estate at this point has not impressed me at this point.  I have kept away from purchasing a home for all of my life but when you start to build a family, a home seems a logical step in the pathway. We have been renting a really nice house in a part of Kirkland that I really like, right at the base of Finn Hill.  It’s a great location for both Lili and I to commute to our jobs, has nice schools and is close to Lake Washington and Puget Sound, 20 minutes from Seattle and my parents. However, after 2 years, you start to think, I could be paying down a mortgage for the same price I am renting this place for — building equity while home values rise between 6-8% in this market every year– and when the median house in this area is between 350-550k, that’s a pretty significant return on investment. The only problem with that theory is […]