January 2014

The Genius Marketing of the Seattle Seahawks

January 20, 2014 // 1 Comment

    The marketing of professional sports has reached new heights and the Seattle Seahawks are at the top of the pile.  Today I went down to my local store to see how much the “Conference Championship” T-Shirts would be going for– and I wasn’t surprised to see the $40 price tag for a t-shirt.  Free Market Capitalism at it’s finest. This has been a long time coming for the Seattle sports fan.  It wasn’t more than a couple of years ago where everything seemed lost in the Seattle sports world.  The Sonics were a long lost cause, The Seahawks with Matt Hasselback was one disapointment from total collapse, the Mariners wallowing in their own self pity.  The most promising team award is split between the WNBA and the Sounders who routinely make it to the playoffs, only to get eliminated by the first round. In reality, the Seahawks Championship shirts should have been handed out for free to any fan that has stood by the team for so many terrible seasons […]

The Christmas Story

January 3, 2014 // 0 Comments

Elliott: Your second Christmas this year was a lot of fun!!! For being just two years old, you got to see Santa three times– once with Nana, another time with your cousins and a third time with Mom and Dad!  This picture was taken just after we saw Santa on the Santa Train in Elbe, Washington.  We decided to go with Joe, Kristin, Issac and Gabe and Nana and Grandpa on the steam trains and Santa was there– it was a lot of fun. Here you are with the same Santa, when you were one and just starting to walk and here you are at two, standing tall and proud with Santa– such a cool picture I always look at and just can’t help but smile how adorable you look– so happy and such a big boy. I am still working on the video of Christmas morning– which will get posted soon enough.  On Christmas Eve, you woke up about 12:30 in the night and wanted to know if Santa had come […]