March 2012

Moving right along…

March 3, 2012 // 0 Comments

This is going to be a crazy month.  We just signed a 2 year lease on what I would consider to be the house I have always wanted to live in.  We were very lucky a week ago– I was just checking craigslist for houses available for April– and this house popped up.  The one thing when you are looking for a rental in Kirkland is that alot of the houses that are out there are serial rentals– the owners want a lot of money for something that isn’t in very good condition– and that gets exceptionally worse with having a big dog.  This house managed to come along — the owner just purchased it about 5 months ago and has spent the time renovating the property– and renovating it the level of comfort he would live in– which means granite counters, new appliances, new plumbing, everything new.  This is not something you stumble upon very often.  There was a lot of interest, but we managed to be the second ones to […]