September 2011

Where are you my ______?

September 27, 2011 // 0 Comments

You don’t know it, but you were supposed to enter the world on the 23rd of September, 2011.  It is now four days later, September 27th, 2011 and your mom and I keep joking that even through the eviction notice has been given, the water is leaking a bit, you still have your feet on the couch (your mom’s bladder).  In the coming days, things will get more obvious and hopefully you will give it up.  I can promise you that you will have much better digs out here, in the real world– and all the free milk you can possibly suckle, poop and puke.  Not to mention other things like lots of warm blankets, meeting both sides of your grandparents and a really beautiful doggie– not to mention a very, very impatient Mummie and Daddy. Tom Petty is right, the waiting is the hardest part. We have been hanging out, waiting, for the last couple of weeks– because all of the babies that have been born in recent time, you seem to […]

Moneyball: Why it doesn’t work for me..

September 25, 2011 // 0 Comments

Moneyball, the latest film from Brad Pitt, was a terrible disappointment.  The story itself isn’t one of the more glamorous tales behind baseball, America’s game.  It does register the question how any of the smaller market teams can possibly ever compete with the big money spenders, like the New York Yankees.  Let’s face it, data and stat’s aren’t exciting, specifically in a game like baseball, so I wasn’t expecting a lot of excitement, but this film is about as boring as watching two terrible teams at the end of the regular season– pointless. Pitt’s performance is decent, but as the general manager of the Oakland Athletics, there isn’t much excitement to the character.  He seems something in Jonah Hill’s character, who is clearly underplayed in this film, and hires him on because he is desperate.  It’s a risk and of course it somewhat yields rewards– if it didn’t, Hollywood would have a pass. But, Pitt can’t make this film exciting.  It plays out much like baseball, mostly dull to watch, but we watch because we appreciate […]

Sept 23rd — The Due Date

September 23, 2011 // 0 Comments

I awoke and the first thing I thought, today could be the day. I had been thinking this same thought for the last several days, but today is supposed to be the day. I went about my day as if nothing were different. Doctor’s appointment at 10:30, our regular doctor is out of the office– this is going to be a rubber stamp Dr’s appointment. Not even close. This new doctor, running late, took pause when she saw that today was the day. She went in to check out what was happening, asking us if we wanted her to strip the membrane. This is an awkward question that we weren’t previously coached on– and I thought they went over EVERYTHING at the baby classes– but, come to think of it, they spent a long time discussing the drugs and then it was onto diapering and breasting and wholla– 7 weeks of the pregnancy are in the rear view mirror. Nothing about stripping a membrane. But, it wasn’t time for that– so that […]

Technology takes it away….

September 20, 2011 // 0 Comments

I am not sure how anyone gets any real writing done anymore. I have spent the last couple of hours, wanting to write about what’s going on with the baby, how things are progressing, because I got too hung up on the back-end of the site. It wasn’t too long ago that I was writing a great deal about the most mundane things, just to get my thoughts on paper– not to be prolific or anything, but to get something documented for some future time. Now, because I work in technology, I am always bothered by something that isn’t quite right with this or that and spend more time trying to fix a technical problem than documenting what I can to do in the first place. Technology, because it is in it’s infant stages, is overwhelming at times. We are in such a hurry to get projects done that they are often thrown together without the thought and time needed to really vent the issues and get everything correct and stable. I […]

One Week to the due date

September 16, 2011 // 0 Comments

There are moments in life where you pause in the spin of everything that is around you, pausing to take all of it in. This has been happening to me more and more over the last week as the shift into fatherhood gets closer and closer to coming into be part of this spin of everything that is my reality. Tonight was the first night since I was probably 12 years old where I held a baby for over an hour in my arms, checking it out as it slept. Sure, I have held many babies over the years, but being the type of guy who is part time clumsy, I prefer to watch other people’s children from afair– much like a precious painting. I have always appreciated young ones– and I have always wondered what their life must be like at that point– such a beautiful time to be alive and in the world. I said the same thing I have said several times lately: all of the worlds leaders across […]

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