February 2011

The Future…

February 8, 2011 // 0 Comments

There is this thing, growing in my wife, that is going to change everything. This is the first picture of what I should say, is my offspring.  The moment that I think at the heart of all this madness we walk through in life, this is what it is all for.  A week after turning 38, I discover that soon enough, I will become a father and that makes time move even faster than it was before this moment happened.  Now, everything that I needed to do before I took that next step is going to have to be split into the next 7 or so months, if everything goes according to plan. That’s not much time until my life changes yet again. Fatherhood.  A new chapter, a much needed new chapter.  I am still playing catchup from the last big lifechange, when Lili and I met in China and began the long, slow process of getting her to the states… Now she has almost been here for 2 years– and where […]