July 2010

I voted, so I want it to be over.

July 22, 2010 // 0 Comments

Everyone must be so sick of this campaign by now. I know I am and it love to talk about politics, but the majority of us have had enough and we just want this to be over so we can go back to the normal American life– which has been severely altered over the last two years while our time has been taken by the Washington DC crowd who started jockeying for the White House way too soon and spent millions upon millions of dollars that could have done other things than pay the maajor television networks ad revenue. We are so morally lost in this country that the people that are trying to sell morals sound like the craziest zealots of them all! Time after time, the republicans want nothing more than to make this election about the least important things to America, guns: war, abortion and prayer. NONE of the this things have anything to do with government– but they want to make it that way, but then they don’t […]