February 2010

Crazy Heart Film Review

February 15, 2010 // 4 Comments

Crazy Heart review by Tim Hogg Jeff Bridges has become the Hollywood face of the American story. His latest masterpiece, Crazy Heart, is sure to pick up a few more awards as it makes it way to the Academy Awards this month. This film has been around for the last several months, playing at a local arthouse theater or two until recently. Very much like the character, Bad Blake, this film is making a comeback that no really saw coming. Same thing goes for Bridges, who has had his ups and downs as much as the fictitious country legend, Blake. What makes this film work so well is that Bridges knows his characters and its audience. This character is not much different than the role he is best known for, one Jeffery Lebowski. Bridges plays that character that we all know but don’t see often enough, the guy who didn’t become the shining star, but rather the guy who simply keeps on keeping on. Bridges plays Bad Blake, a washed up, drunken […]


February 4, 2010 // 0 Comments

Americans are particularly funny about their travels. I have noticed it throughout my life. We tend to stay in our own country, which is understandable–it’s fucking huge!! Regardless, part of the point of traveling is to go to other places to see how people live–to speak to them and see what their lives are about, how they are getting by on their side of the rock. The more that I speak to my brethren, the more I see how little we travel. Sure, we all know those people that are serial travelers to Vegas and Hawaii for the west coast and Florida for the east coast. We don’t generally go to experience culture, but rather to escape our own reality of things. Vacation for the American is just that–to vacate, to leave, to part ways. American’s don’t travel, they don’t wander, they don’t go on walkabout. This is a generality of course–we do travel, some of do wander and a few of us might actually go on walkabout. Someone said the other […]