January 2010

its been awhile

January 25, 2010 // 1 Comment

Well, I have been seeing some mail lately asking if I am alive…The answer, in short, is yes, I am still alive.The blog is still active and I review it from time to time, wishing I could do more with it. The fact is, with all of the technology that we have and the different ways to express oneself, I am finding it harder and harder to actually do. Technology has made it really difficult for us to sit back and express anything in a long handed, complex kind of way. ADD for the masses.So, I am trying to put it all together, to make sense of it all communicate out, blog style, for the world to consume at their own leisure.HAITI:I have been thinking about this terrible event a lot lately–as all of us have. 200,000 dead bodies in a city the size of Seattle. That is a lot of people, dead for no other reason than nature and poverty. I have been thinking a lot about that amazing loss and […]