November 2009

A word on surgery…

November 13, 2009 // 3 Comments

Let me tell you something:When something inside of you says that something inside of you isn’t right, listen to it.Men in particular, don’t bother to pay much attention to our bodies when it tells us that something is bothering it.The growth as it shall now always be referred to, has been around for longer than anyone cares to imagine. Like a good transient, no one knows when it arrived, how long it went undetected but my guess is that the growth must have moved in around the time that I was in China.That is when the kidney stones started, which is a by-product of this thing moving in. I remember that day in China well (rather that evening). It caused me to spend a couple of days in a Chinese hospital, moaning for hours at the pain in my kidneys while the glass bottle dripped a saline mixture into my body.Truth be told, it could have been going on much, much longer than that– but it doesn’t matter in the long run, […]