January 2009

back from the Isle of Wight…

January 4, 2009 // 0 Comments

Travel during the holidays can be a challange– especially when the travel is about 40% around the world.  This travel time I seemed to have gotten out of Seattle just in time, as the airports experienced hellacious delays and cancallations just hours after my flight from Seattle to Dussoldorph. There is something very special about Germany during the holidays– with the open Christmas markets, loaded with one of a kind trinkets, plenty of gluvine and some of the most delicious delights known to man–freshly cooked waffles with Cherry toppings, backfisch, potato pancakes, thuringer sausages–just to name a few things.  It all feels very merry indeed.  This is the second Christmas we have spent here in the Weimar Republic and each of them were very special and relaxing.   The one minor thing about spending the new year in Germany is the time between Christmas and new years– the country literally shuts down during this time of the year, which can proved to be a little bit dull.  Lili and I were both […]